Thursday, 7 July 2011

Microsoft Office file validation add-in

If you want to take five minutes to open a spreadsheet then download this Windows Update.  If you want to open spreadsheets instantly, don't.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

After two days running the new beta version of Ubuntu I am still completely confused.

The default desktop interface has gone from the easy to use Gnome to the extremely confusing Unity.  Meanwhile the beta seems to have screwed up many of the features of Gnome if you choose to go back to what they now call Classic Ubuntu.

The main feature is a strip of icons running down the left hand side of the screen, offering links to installed programs and folders.  To describe it as clunky would be kind.  It has none of the ease of use of the Windows 7 or OS X equivalents.  It seems to take the lead from one of the worst Mac features when changing between open full sized applications in that the best way to do so is to use Alt + Tab.

I can't see this being fixed for the full release in May but if it isn't, then my laptop is going to get a different version of Linux.

Monday, 28 March 2011

UK2 are brutes

I have added UK2 to my list of least favoured companies which includes Easyspace and all it subsidiaries, any company offering SEO services and Talk Talk (just for being crap).

I recently transferred a domain away from UK2 into my 123-reg account and paid them the whopping transfer fee of £15.59 to change the IPS tag.

They then used my card to renew the domain which now has nothing to do with them whatsover, taking the money from my card before the date of the renewal.

They are beneath contempt.

I shall sue them for every penny of the £7.18 they stole from me.