Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Beware SEO fraudsters

Ever since the dawning of the search engine at the back end of the last century there have been people trying to optimise web sites to appear at the top of rankings. Good web designers will try to make their sites search engine friendly at birth, others may fall short. Either way SEO [search engine optimisation] companies do not give a damn whether your site is the most search engine friendly in the world or a single page flash site with "Untitled Document" as the page title. They just want your money.

SEO companies have been ringing up my customers for years trying to get them to part with hundreds of pounds a month to put their sites on the front page of Google, but there is an increasing trend of these snake oil salesmen taking perfectly good web sites and wrecking them - and charging for the privilege.

Last month a customer was persuaded to let an SEO company "optimise" his web site. They promptly shut down the site and forwarded all the traffic to a moribund site of his with totally out of date content and a PageRank of "unranked".

And last week another genius took a web site I made, changed the title to a huge long list of spammy keywords, added four keywords at the bottom of the page, plus a really ugly web counter AND A LINK BACK TO THEIR OWN SITE. But best of all they managed to wreck the style of the site so that all the text (apart from their link) was brown on a brown background.

If you are rung up by anybody offering to optimise your web site or get you on the first page of Google, please tell them to go away. They are all fraudsters