Sunday, 22 February 2009

Which OS is fastest

I have just done a highly unscientific experiment as to which operating system is the fastest to boot up from scratch, get a network and display my home page.

If it was a properly valid exercise then all machines would be identical in power, but they aren't.

First up is my main computer. It runs Windows Vista Home Premium on a dual 3.2 GHz processor with 4GB of RAM. It has the 2008 version of Norton Antivirus.

After 60 seconds it loaded the Windows Corporation logo and loading bar. After 1 minute, 25 it asked for a password. 1'39'' brought up the desktop, with the computer instantly connected to the wired network. iGoogle loaded after 2 minutes and 3 seconds. If I used the sleep facility I could bring it back to life in 14 seconds to a usable state.

Next I tried my JVC mininote 8 inch laptop - invented before netbooks were all the rage; but with more functionality. It's a good five years old but perfectly good running XP or Ubuntu Linux. But I decided to be cruel to it and put Windows 7 (Beta) on it to see if it works. It does work, depite the 512 MB of RAM not being enough to reach the required system requirements.

The little machine booted Windows 7 in 1'43'' but took an obscene 4'43'' to get a web page loaded. However the hybernate facility on Windows 7 appears to draw no energy out of the computer so can be used as an alternative to shut down. I re-awoke the laptop from hybernation in 1'21'' to view a web page.

A desktop computer with a pair of 2 GHz processors and 1 GB RAM booted Windows XP Pro in 42 seconds and loaded Google in a total of 1'30''.

A laptop with a single core 1.8GHz processor and 2GB RAM loaded a desktop in 1'12'' and got a web page in 1'27''.

Both the XP machines have AVG 7.5 installed.

The XP laptop also runs Ubuntu on a different partition. This took 1'34'' to load a desktop and 2'15'' for Firefox to display a web page. No anti virus is installed on this machine.

Finally, the old codger of a Mac I bought on Ebay a few weeks ago. This PowerMAc G4 has a 450 processor and 192MB RAM and is about 8 or nine years old. It runs Mac OS X, 10.3.9 - Panther. It booted the desktop fully in 57 seconds with Google loading in 1'45''.

So the winner is: Windows XP; loading a browser in a minute and a half on two seperate machines, but a lifetime achievement award has to go to the Mac which was ahead of a computer running a processor 15 times more powerful with 40 times more memory.

To make the experiment more valid I need to install the Beta of Windows 7 on a different machine and time that. It's not fair expecting it to work on an oldish laptop.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Google Rank

We now have a Google Rank on this site: 0/10. It's been unranked for two years.

The only problem is, I don't know whether it is down to the new domain name: or down to the fact that I submitted the site's RSS feed to Google Webmaster Tools.

However I can see that Google started crawling this site more intensely and regularly towards the end of January (09) which is when I bought the pre-existing domain whereas I submitted the sitemap RSS feed on February 2nd. After the 2nd February Google started indexing the site even more thoroughly.

So my verdict is that both had an effect.

Isle of Wight accommodation videos

I have added the facility for Youtube videos on The videos are embedded in the page and just require the Flash plug-in to work.

There is now the possibility to have a nine page mini-site on the accommodation directory:
  • main page with descriptive text and up to five pictures
  • availability calendar
  • tariff
  • special offers
  • rate the accommodation
  • virtual tour
  • enquiry form
  • location page with Google map
  • video

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I have an Apple Mac

I have purchased an Apple Mac. I now have five computers running five different operating systems.

I have a baby laptop - not a net book because the name wasn't invented when it came out five years ago. This runs Windows 7 (Beta version) at the moment,

My main laptop runs Ubuntu and XP on different partitions and runs sweet as a nut on either.

There is a desktop computer upstairs running XP.

My main computer is a super fast desktop with loads of memory and processing power. Unfortunately I don't harness it effectively because it runs Vista.

Now I have a 450MHz Power Mac with 200MB of RAM. It probablt cost two thousand pounds new but I got it for twenty one pounds on Ebay. I purchased an operating system: OS X 10.3 (Panther) for under thirty pounds and the only other expense was buiying a compatible keyboard: which ironically was made by Microsoft.

And I am using it now. So far, so good. I will go into details later.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Accommodation directory

I have just added a rate-it facility to all the accommodation providers on so that people can leave comments about each business and give a rating out of five stars.

It uses Google Friend Connect and is added through some simple HTML / JavaScript code. You can log in using AOL and Yahoo as well as Google accounts.

Seems to work well. Just need some people to use it.