Thursday, 29 January 2009

We've moved

I have had my eye on the domain for about eight years, ever since I set up Island Webservices. The domain had been owned by a Bermudan web design and hosting company and I always suspected I was losing a small proportion of my trade to them; although probably gaining the same amount back.

Three months ago the domain became available and I was approached by a number of companies wishing to purchase the name for me. All wanted far too much money and I tried to get it myself on the open market. I failed. So started to point to one of those pages with a healthy looking girl smiling at you, implying the domain was bought but possibly available for the correct, yet unspecified, amount of dollars.

However this week, I discovered by accident that the name became available and I bought it on the open market for the usual amount for a dot com.

So now my blog is at It will be interesting to see if it gains a Google rank, because it has failed to do so within Google owned

So the moral of the story is if someone wants to charge you $300 for a domain you quite like, but don't desperately need, decline the offer and be patient.