Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Isle of Wight Accommodation .com

I have just updated my accommodation directory for the Isle of Wight so that there are now at least three pages for every accommodation provider:
  • A description of the property together with up to four pictures
  • A Google location map pinpointing the location
  • A contact form
Other available pages include availability calendars, virtual tours, tariff and special offer pages.

If you want to get your bed and breakfast, hotel, guest house, cottage, caravan, holiday park, self catering apartment or camp site on the Internet take a look at or call 01983 721264.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Big up Ubuntu

I have been experimenting with Ubuntu for a couple of years now with mixed results. I have installed it on a few machines which work extremely well. Other installations have caused pain and anguish and no joy.

Ubuntu is a variant of the Linux family of operating systems and its big claim is it is designed for human beings. As opposed to cattle or gerbils who prefer Mandriver Linux instead?

Anyway my JVC Mininote baby laptop has just been upgraded to the latest version: 8.10 (AKA Intrepid Ibix). I thought I would try out the main claim to fame of the update which is the network manager which is supposed to connect seamlessly between different types of networks such as 3G and WiFi.

I turned on internet sharing on my HTC Tytyn II, plugged it into the laptop using a USB lead and I just about instantly it showed a connection as "Auto Eth 2". No effort, no tweaking of configuration files and I am on the internet, writing a blog, using my mobile phone connection.

I must confessed to being quietly impressed.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Isle of Wight Web Hosting Company

Isle of Wight Web Hosting Company

I have finally pulled my finger out of my bottom and updated one of my first web sites.

The Isle of Wight Web Hosting Company web site now has a full domain look-up facility plugging into a shopping cart.

Hosting accounts start at £30 including VAT per annum.