Monday, 9 July 2007


It appears I have made an unfair comment about Safari. It does actually import bookmarks/favourites from other browsers. It places them in separate folders so with a bit of customisation you can get rid of the Apple religious links and replace them with your secular ones.

All the text still looks rubbish with the font-smoothing shenanigans.

Burning to disc

I have always preferred the software inherent in Windows XP to third party drivers and have used these wherever possible. I ignore requests to insert printer or camera CDs and carry on regardless. It almost always works.

Similarly I prefer the drag and drop burning of CDs which is possible using XP. This facility continues with Vista. I'm not sure they have got it right though.

I wanted to choose some of the 800 MB of pictures in a folder to drag onto a CD, so I dragged them one by one, or in groups, onto the G drive which is my CD ROM drive. I was expecting it to take the files and then wait for instructions to start burning to the disc. Unfortunately it started before the pistol and set off burning the files one by one, and calculating time... and displaying thumbnails... I have at least 10 little windows open calculating time. I now have three windows counting down in geological units. See the picture.

So a word of advice. If you have been stupid enough to purchase Vista and you want to make a CD ROM, make a temporary folder first. Or just use your spare PC running some other operating system.